But where oh where us all around
is thunder's newly absent sound.

— Alexander Vvedensky, An Invitation for Me to Think, 1931-1934
I am professor emeritus of international politics at Queen Mary University of London, School of Politics and International Relations
My research and teaching focus on doing politics: the ways in which people make themselves agents of politics through acts, movements, and struggles.
I hold a bachelor's degree from Middle East Technical University (Turkey) and graduate degrees from the Universities of Waterloo (MA) and Toronto (PhD). I developed an early interest in continental philosophy and was educated as an historical sociologist and political sociologist.
I was a professor of social science (1996-2002) and Canada Research Chair (2002-2006) at York University, Canada, and a Professor of Politics at The Open University (2007-2016), and Professor of International Politics at Queen Mary University of London (2017-2022).
I am a chief editor of the journal Citizenship Studies, which marked its 25th anniversary in 2022. 
What does this website do? 
It is with some hesitation that I provide some reflections here on my work (so far) by introducing concepts, methods, and images as their binding thread. I fear that it would provide a more deliberate image than how I experienced being a scholar of the subjects of politics. I struggled to understand the circumstances in which I found myself as a scholar over the years and attempted to study matters that helped me most in this struggle in the first place and in my collaborations with colleagues, students, activists, artists, and publics. With all its ambiguities, I did conduct (or imagined conducting) myself as an activist scholar, which does not only mean being engaged with social, economic, and political circumstances in which I found myself but also being engaged with the conditions of production of knowledge in the university, academy, and the world. Along the way, I assembled diverse sources from peoples, arts, and sciences and I hope that this website acknowledges my debt and gratitude. If you agree that what I provide here is an interpretation of my work (so far) amongst other possible interpretations, then this speech act will have performed its intention – a rare if impossible feat.
You can browse a chronological list of publications. You can also visit Zotero for adding them into your library. I am wondering whether I should include selections from my notebooks in this website? 
Thanks to Kazimir Malevich and Olga Rosanova for ideas and images.  

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