• Peter Turnley

    Turnley is a street photographer whose photographs capture ordinary moments that reveal so much about the human condition. He travels around the world and holds workshops in cities such as Bombay, Istanbul, and Rio. He has also photographed in conflict zones. He also maintains an ongoing documentation of the major refugee populations of the world. [URL]

  • Ariella Azoulay

    Azoulay teaches political thought and visual culture. She also curates exhibitions that cross the divide between image and thought. Her curated archive 'Act of State', for example, presents  a photographed history of the Israeli Occupation regime in the Palestinian Territories. [URL]

  • Brandon Stanton

    Stanton is a street photographer who mostly documents what he calls 'humans of New York.' His irrepressible quality connect with people through the camera is abundantly clear in his what I'd call humans of Iran series of photographs. [URL]

  • Pedro Meyer

    Meyer curates a fabulous and thoughtful website featuring poignant photographs and photographers from around the world with equally thoughtful commentaries that he calls 'editorials'. I am grateful to Parvati Nair for introducing me to Meyer's galleries. [URL]

  • Okwui Enwezor

    Enwezor is not a photographer as such, if there is such a thing, but has an eye for photography. He traverses both academic and art worlds and curates fascinating exhibitions conceptualising and theorising the still image. [URL]

  • Majority World

    Majority World is a website that curates photography from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. I am grateful to Parvati Nair for introducing me to MW. [URL]

  • Autograph ABP

    Autograph ABP is a charity that works internationally to educate the public in photography by addressing issues of cultural identity and human rights. [URL]