It is the most difficult thing to do in life. To act. To be is easier. To act requires courage, resolve, and nerve. That's when you enter into the scene and the scene is no longer as it was.

When you act you bring something new into being. That is the most fearsome aspect of acting. Bringing something new into being. There is no guarantee of effects or consequences. It requires literally a leap into the unknown with the courage or doubt of one’s own convictions whatever the situation demands. To act is also the core of politics. Not only the kind of politics that takes place in the parliament but also, and more importantly, on streets and squares.

Acts are repertoires of action. Voting, protesting, demonstrating, dissenting are such repertoires. When such repertoires become routine performances with no effects acts become stale and bad copies of themselves. There is always a time and space for creating new repertoires of actions. That's what people do all the time. It’s good that we begin to learn what people do when they act.